Aspirin for your Business Headaches
Aspirin for your Business Headaches
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"...they empowered us to turnaround our business during the Great Recession"

Green Studio Builders


The world was changing rapidly. And, not necessarily for the better. Trauma probably best describes the state of architecture, real estate, and construction. At a time when there was a financial crisis, economic crisis, and devastation in the real estate industry, we aided GSB in breaking down their strengths in management, personnel, main and subsidiary markets, account management, design, and customer acquisition to name a few areas.


With a clear understanding of what GSB does best and not so well, we could progress by building on the positives in a new direction where we could predict some growth despite an overall negative market sector prediction.  For this 200 employee company, the future held hope for green solutions in construction and design. We worked with our client to grasp the future hope and rebuilt their obsoleted engine into one of growth. Fortunately, they found some contracts that existed in this sub-market and parlayed them forward as the economy rebounded and construction for green solutions became a growth industry. This was a happy turnaround that avoided a bankruptcy and kept many of the tools and employees in place, though being used with a new focus.




"We needed a stalled product developed and released as quickly as possible!"

ML Associates


We described a new product that was in development but was not making any progress toward development due to internal differences and lack of resources. Chris came in and within a week diagnosed the problems and began assembling an Action Plan for attacking the many daunting elements stalling the project. We were shocked at how fast and effective an outside organization could be at completing a strategic matter without falling victim to internal politics. He is definitely a great diplomat, product designer, project manager, and a genius working with our clients. Today, the product is the base platform for a whole new web-centered platform for customer self-service data needs. The net effect for clients was greater transparency, faster order times, new data analysis tools, and easy integration with the fulfillment department. Later, Chris helped us with a Custom Data Field Print-On-Demand Document Service add-on.


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We are excited to announce the hiring of a new Director at Thriving Business Solutions. Mike Little's extensive IT & social media consulting expertise makes him an excellent addition to our team.

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